Exterior and Interior Painting in Torrance, California

Trust your exterior and interior painting projects to the professionals at GM Coatings in Torrance, California, and give your property the look it deserves. Whether you are in need of home or office work, our service provider makes it look great.

Any Paint, Anywhere

Our painting service regularly works with all type of paints, including epoxy paints, on a variety of surfaces. We also work for many different businesses including banks, churches, retail stores, hospitals, warehouses, plants, office buildings, shopping malls, and schools, so you can rest assured that our experts have the knowledge and skill to handle your project too.

Interior Painting

Our interior services include:
  • Acoustic Ceiling Removals
  • Wallpaper Installation & Removals
  • Wall Repairs and Texturing
  • Factory Finishes (Sprayed)
  • Faux and Specialty Finishes
  • Interior Trim Work
  • Drywall and Plaster Repairs
  • Furniture and Cabinet Repainting

Exterior Painting

For outside jobs, we completely prepare the surface with pressure washing, wood or stucco repairs, and siding and partition repairs. Once the exterior is ready, our professionals will apply your customized paint mix, complete any needed trim work, and apply a clear finish, leaving your building looking like new.
Contact us in Torrance, California, for your exterior and interior painting services.